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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

As an azure pond lies stagnant upon a majestic bucolic of flora, it engenders a serene pasture for fauna to congregate, and moisten their lips with natures necessities. the inevitable winds of change soon arrive to circumscribe it’s waters with the glacial winds of mother nature’s plutocracy amassing warmth on one axis while garnering cold on the other. The pond turns still crystallized by the cold winds that have permeated her depth and vacant of her fauna whom have egressed in a sense of exigency to garner warmth. The trees abased of their foliage during the winter ambience avail little comfort to the frozen waters while foxes walk on it’s opaque surface aloof of the depths below each fabricating it’s own influence each layer independent own it’s own each providing a countenance of impressionability to flora or fauna regardless of their echelon. When nature unveils her warm rays and languishes the glacial winds of Mother Nature’s adversity the pond turns into a sanguine mirror. a catalyst to reflect life’s perpetual movement adamant to her nature and indifferent to adversity.